Bathroom Renovations

Of all the rooms in your home, there are two that can have the most stunning effects once they’ve been renovated. They are the kitchen and bathroom. In this short article we’re going to take a quick look specifically at the benefits of bathroom renovations. They drastically improves the environment you live in, and increase the desirability of your property should you decide to put it on the open market.Home Service Club

Transform your Bathroom by Renovating its Flooring

One of the biggest transformations you can make to your bathroom is to upgrade its floor. In the recent past, the trend that many building companies have followed is to install vinyl flooring in the bathroom because it is both durable and reasonably inexpensive. But unfortunately you cannot get away from the fact that it can look quite cheap to the discerning visitor, or prospective buyer.

A Great Way to Improve the Value of your Property

In today’s property market, recovery from the recent crash is evident, although slow. Anything you can do to improve your property raises its value and makes it a more desirable piece of real estate. Great bathroom renovations can make all the difference.

Given the fact that the floor area is one of the largest surface areas in your bathroom, simply changing the flooring from vinyl to stone, or ceramic tiling, offers a significant improvement. And even if you’re not selling, it’s still nice to make the most of your environment.

The Builders from Hell

But one of the things that worries homeowners more than anything else when considering having bathroom renovations done, is the fear of running into the builders from hell. Unfortunately, there are plenty of them around, and your bathroom, complete with all of that built in plumbing, is the last place that you want to let these guys loose on. So what’s the answer?

Signing up with Homeservice Club

Well, if you happen to live in Canada, then signing up with Homeservice Club is one of the best solutions you’ll ever come across. Homeservice Club have been operating now for a little over 50 years, and they offer their members (who now number over 60,000 householders) a brilliant double guarantee. They are able to do this because they have a number of tried and trusted contractors on their books. These contractors are each individually checked out for not only their quality of work, and their reliability, but for fair pricing as well. Best of all this applies not only to bathroom renovations, but any renovations done anywhere in the home.

What the Double Guarantee Means

This double guarantee comes in 2 parts as one may well deduce from the name. The first part of the guarantee is actually a guarantee from the contract you employ, providing that they are one of the listed and approved contractors on Homeservice Club’s books. But it’s the 2nd part of the guarantee which clinches it for most people, and this is Homeservices’ own guarantee. It states that if the work has not been completed satisfactorily, and the contractor refuses to correct it, Homeservice will employ another contractor on your behalf at no cost to you.

Bathroom renovations without any fear. Now you can’t say fairer than that!